item seeker
seek & behold !

What is Item Seeker ?

The revolutionary app - 'item seeker' is the first of its kind reminder & alert app which will help the vast visually challenged and elderly community, especially people suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia. The App was conceptualised as a result of the several years of research and involvement with the visually challenged community.

The Item Seeker App allows users to locate a missing item or an object which needs to be tagged using a 'sticker'. Stickers are much smaller beacons, about 3 mm thin, have a battery-powered ARM CPU equipped with accelerometer, temperature sensor, and a Bluetooth Smart radio. Stickers broadcast data packets and collect data about its location, motion, and environment. The Bluetooth sensors on the stickers alert the Item Seeker App when an object goes missing - the user can manage when the item needs to be reminded of etc. The Video explains how exactly the App works with the Stickers.

Storing the data pattern on the cloud helps analyse user patterns and behaviour which can further help in research and better solutions for the community. The Mobile App servers as the iOT Gateway for the data, the servers help collect and analyse the data and algorithms developed helps in identifying need based requirements which can help families and medicine companies plan the better, thus improving lives.

How Does It Work ?

Help Video