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Map Seeker
Item Seeker
A Sister Concern..  
Item seeker
Our Latest App is 'itemseeker' which helps the elderly and visually challenged 'tag' and 'find' items around them. Read More...

We also have the following Apps developed/in-the-works :

Bus seeker
Find bus routes, timings, places and receive text alerts
Map seeker
Find important places on your map, text enabled
Netradaan - The first Eye/Cornea Donation App
With the aim is to  improve the quality of life of the visually challenged and the elderly (over 65 years of age) and empower them to lead an independent life, Sightica Solutions plans to build a low cost universal mobile phone assistive technology device catering to the differently-abled and elderly. Features would include :
Text to Speech.
Speech to Text option.
Messaging/ Calling out options (gesture based).
Location based GPS guiding users to locations, mapped bus routes.
OCR readers.
Ultrasonic to allow for easier detection of distances / objects.
Reminder and distance gauging techniques.
Multilingual text support.
Sightica Solutions - finding solutions focussed on the needs of the visually challenged and elderly

Kuluk ( Shake Based App) - Its Just a Shake Away

Shake to Call

Gives an opportunity to add a number from your phone contact list and set a Gesture against the number. Shake, prompts for a confirmation and makes a call!

Tap to Call

Another unique feature is the ability to Tap on the Phone screen to make a call. The Taps can be customised for each number from the phone list (up to 4 numbers)

Shake to Message

A superior feature of the 'Kuluk' allows users to compose or load pre-set template messages and link a Shake against a number (s) in your phone book. Also, gives users to send an Image via the shake + send feature

Facedown to Cancel

Another simple feature is to cancel a call by simply positioning your Android device facedown
OS supported : All Andorid OS - Froyo/ Gingerbread/ICS/ JellyBean
For visually challenged users : Support offered with 'Talkback' and 'Eyes free' for Android Froyo/ Gingerbread OS